What kind of retirement lifestyle are you working towards?

What kind of retirement lifestyle are you working towards?

Generally, as adults, our 40-odd years of working life is undertaken with three main goals: to buy our own home, to raise our family, and to grow our wealth in preparation for retirement. Nobody wants to walk out of the office on their last day without finally reaping the benefits of all that hard work. You want to embark on the adventure secure in the knowledge that you can afford to live the life you’ve been planning for all those years. That’s why it’s so important to know what your ideal retirement lifestyle is – so you can plan for it effectively. What does your dream retirement look like?


Without the ties of children at home or a nine-to-five job, your retirement is the perfect time to visit all the places you’ve been dreaming of. Perhaps you’re looking forward to taking in the shows and slot machines of Las Vegas, cruising the European rivers or the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, walking the Great Wall of China or hot-air ballooning over the Serengeti. You could have grandchildren overseas that you want to visit regularly. Or maybe you fancy spending a month on the Gold Coast each year or finally seeing every part of New Zealand. Your options are only limited by your imagination and budget.

Escape the rat race

Now that you no longer need to make it into the office every day, there’s nothing stopping you from relocating to somewhere more peaceful, either permanently or for a regular weekend getaway. Imagine the serenity of waking each morning to the gentle sound of the sea and birdsong, taking long walks on the beach or through the lush native bush, and never being stuck in traffic again!

Indulge your hobbies

There are so many things we don’t have enough time for when we’re working, and often our hobbies are the first thing to get set aside. Retirement finally gives you the time to do all those things that speak to your soul, like nurturing a beautiful flower or vegetable garden, playing the piano, writing a book or playing your favourite sport. It’s the time to take out a membership at your favourite golf club, join the local gym, or get the easel and canvas out of storage.

Enjoy the finer things

Even if you don’t see yourself jetting across the world each year or moving to a picturesque beach, retirement should be a time when you get to sit back and enjoy the results of all those years of hard work and saving. That could mean eating out any time you don’t feel like cooking, enjoying movies in the Gold Class theatre, adding a spa pool to the deck, or buying that watch or necklace you’ve always wanted. It should be a time when you finally get to treat yourself a bit.

Whatever style of retirement appeals to you, it’s vital to start planning now to ensure you don’t have to cut corners when the day eventually arrives. At OnePlan, we specialise in making sure you’re on the right track to the retirement of your dreams. Give us a call today so we can help you get started.