For retirement

You won't run out of money before you run out of life

How does retirement planning work?

Start Earning

At the start of your adult life, the first thing you do is get a job. This provides you with an income.



Once you are earning, you’ll start spending your money. Some of this goes on regular expenses, rent, bills etc.


Lifestyle Assets

You start buying your first assets, like a car and other chattels.



At the same time, you begin putting away some of your income as savings for the future.


Investment Assets

You invest these savings in things like your bank and KiwiSaver.


Time Goes On
Starting a Business

As time goes on, you climb your career ladder. You gain experience and wealth and perhaps decide it’s time to start your own business. This business provides your income and increases in value over time. This in turn adds to your Assets...


Lifestyle Assets

Your lifestyle assets grow; perhaps you buy a house, a boat, and a bach.


Investment Assets

Your investment assets also grow; perhaps you buy an investment property and bump up your other investments.


Preparing for Retirement:
Selling The Business

As time continues, your priorities change, and you start thinking more about retirement. In this process you decide to sell your business. Together with your savings you now have a saving portfolio.



Now you are ready for retirement. At this stage your normal income disappears.


Retirement Income

In retirement ideally your income now comes from your investment assets. To bump up your investment assets, you can liquidate some of the lifestyle assets you no longer need. The rest of your lifestyle assets can become what you pass on as inheritance.

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What is the lifestyle you want?

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Give yourself the
freedom to roam.

Our job is to ensure that you don’t run out of money before you run out of life.

We’ll take the time to get to know you and really understand what makes you tick.

This is essential for creating your OnePlan For Retirement, which will show you how you can maximise your lifestyle, whilst maintaining your financial freedom.

About OnePlan

We take pride in making our clients our number one priority. Our service is based on developing true long term relationships – we regularly find ourselves dealing with multiple generations of the same family.

In fact, we believe that our clients are all part of the OnePlan family. Our door is always open – we’re ready to help you, whenever you need it.

We treat our
clients fairly

OnePlan voluntary follow the UK’s Treating Clients Fairly policy – this means:

  • We put your needs first
  • We give you clear information
  • We provide you with high investment advice
  • We work with you and for you, for the long term

We’re focused on
the personal relationship

Your finances are deeply personal, so your relationship with your adviser should be too.

  • Our door is always open
  • We take the time to get to know you
  • You get an invite to OnePlan’s legendary social events!

It’s all about trust

We know that trust is really important when we’re working for your retirement.

  • We’ll give you confidence that your future is in great hands
  • We’ll check in with you regularly so you know you’re on track
  • Your adviser is always available to answer any questions you have

Meet Greg

Greg Moyle


Greg is the founding Director of FPNZ, and was responsible for the company’s creation. After graduating as an accountant in 1975, Greg was employed in a number of accountancy related...

Greg is the founding Director of FPNZ, and was responsible for the company’s creation.

After graduating as an accountant in 1975, Greg was employed in a number of accountancy related roles before joining the NZ Police in 1980. Whilst there, he studied Law at Auckland University. He left the Police in 1984 to teach accounting at the University of Auckland and to complete his law degree. In 1986, Greg joined the Department of Justice as a Senior Investigating Accountant in the Corporate Fraud Unit.

He joined IPD Securities in 1987 as a senior financial planner and over the next five years, became that company’s most successful adviser. After being named ‘Financial Planner of the Year’ in 1992, Greg left IPD Securities to fulfil a long cherished goal of establishing his own practice – New Zealand Financial Planning. Greg founded NZFP which eventually became a National Company. In 2014 Greg decided to exit NZFP to concentrate on his Auckland-based practice and in doing so rebranded his business as Financial Planning New Zealand Ltd (FPNZ).

Greg has taught accounting at the University of Auckland and Unitec from 1984 to 2012. Greg is a member of the Institute of Financial Advisers (IFA) and is both a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a Certified Life Underwriter (CLU). He is an expert witness for both court and disciplinary matters relating to the giving of financial advice.

Greg has and continues to undertake a myriad of charity and community work. He is a Past President of the Rotary Club of Downtown Auckland (2004/2005), former Chair of the Western Bays Community Board (1989-91) and Past President of the Mt Albert Grammar School Old Boys Association. He retired as a Major in the 3rd Auckland (Countess of Ranfurly’s own) and Northland Battalion of the NZ Army. During his 37 years’ service he has been awarded the Efficiency Decoration (ED), bar and clasp and has deployed to the Solomon Islands (2005) and East Timor (2006), as well as an attachment with the British Army in 1983. He was a Trustee of the Leukaemia and Blood Cancer for 20 years and a Director of Radio Lollipop for 10 years.

Greg is still active in Rotary and was selected to lead the Rotary District 9920 GSE Team to Chile in 2009. He was an Assistant Governor of D9920 between 2012-2014 and Chair of the Mt Albert Grammar School Board of Trustees.

He was also an Auckland City Councillor, representing the inner city Western Bays Ward and was Chairman of the Auckland City Arts, Culture and Recreation Committee prior to the amalgamation of the Auckland City Council. He is a former member of and Finance spokesperson for the Waitemata Local Board.

After many years in the financial planning industry, Greg still enjoys helping people to help themselves and is a firm believer in New Zealander’s need to plan to ensure their future financial wellbeing. Greg believes he can provide this security to his clients by assisting them to adopt a sane, sound, sensible approach to the creation and protection of wealth.

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  • "Our retirement plan gave us confidence to spend without fear of running out of money."

  • "Our kids no longer worry that we will be a burden on them during our retirement."

  • "Prior to taking advice I worried about the future. Now I enjoy the here and now, secure in the knowledge that I have more than enough money to go the distance."

  • "It is hard to put a price on knowing that we are, and will continue to be, financially secure."


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What should you look for in a financial planner?

When it comes to saving for your retirement, finding the right person to help you with your plans can make all the difference. It’s a big responsibility – after all, your future lifestyle depends on it. So how do you choose a financial planner who will help you achieve the best results? Here’s what to look for.

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What kind of retirement lifestyle are you working towards?

Generally, as adults, our 40-odd years of working life is undertaken with three main goals: to buy our own home, to raise our family, and to grow our wealth in preparation for retirement. Nobody wants to walk out of the office on their last day without finally reaping the benefits of all that hard work.